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Keep Track of Political Debates in 2012.

OMAHA, NE – The political campaigns for 2012 are really heating up as we approach October.  Will these debates bring some October surprises? Keep track of the political debates in the area with this article. I will try to update with new events, including state legislature debates, as soon as I hear about them!

Presidential Debates: Obama vs Romney
October 3rd, 9pm-10:30pm EST covering Domestic Policy.
October 16th, 9pm-10:30pm EST in a town meeting format covering foreign and domestic policy.
October 22nd, 9pm-10:30pm EST covering Foreign Policy.

Vice Presidential Debates: Biden vs Ryan
October 11th, 9pm-10:30pm EST covering Foreign and Domestic Policy

Nebraska Senate Debates: Kerrey vs Fischer
September 30th, 6pm CST on KETV, rebroadcast of debate from Sept 28th.
October 1st, 7pm CST in Lincoln

Nebraska 2nd Congressional District: Ewing vs Terry
October 18th, Omaha Press Club, please check out the FaceBook event.  11:15 am to 1pm CST

Fellow Nebraskans, if you still need to register to vote, you have until October 19th. Please register to vote, this is your power to help make the system work for you.  You must register to use that power, to use that right.  If you are a Douglas County resident, visit this page for voter registration info.  Visit this page for early voting info. You can print out the forms and fill them out yourself, its easy!

***Are you interested in helping to bring a Stonewall Democrat chapter into the Omaha area?  Please contact Ken Riter, 4o2-686-6389.  Please leave a message if their is no answer, I go to school full time and work part time.  I want to create this chapter, we need this chapter to help keep the rights we’ve won and to help us gain what we deserve as Americans. We need this chapter to help ensure the local Democratic Party stays LGBT friendly and elects LGBT friendly candidates.  But, I need people to participate in order to form this organization.


Second Meeting Minutes from March 25th 2012.

OMAHA, NE – Greater Omaha LGBT Democrats held a second meeting, on Sunday, March 25th at 13th Street Coffeehouse. Just a few of us were there, but we discussed and went over some example bylaws and party platforms that we may use for helping to establish the bylaws and platform for our new political organization. We also discussed the necessity of forming the initial steering committee ASAP,as well as steering committee officers; Chairman, Vice Chair, Secretary and Treasurer.   What we really need right now are more members so we can fill the positions. So, if you are interested in helping to start a new political organization with the mission of forwarding LGBT issues on a political basis please come to a meeting.  You can contact the group’s Facilitator, Ken Riter at cell phone #4o2-686-6389 or email at omahamaverick(at)yahoo.com with the subject Greater Omaha LGBT Democrats with any questions you may have.  You can also check out the Greater Omaha LGBT Democrats FaceBook Page.

The next meeting is scheduled to be Sunday April 8th at 7pm at 13th Street Coffeehouse. To expand opportunities for members of the community to attend a meeting, additional meetings will be scheduled throughout the week. Additional meetings scheduled so far are Saturday April 7th at 6pm, or Friday, April 13th at 7pm all at 13th Street Coffeehouse.

First Meeting: 11 March 2012

OMAHA, NE – The Greater Omaha LGBT Democrats held their first meeting Sunday night, March 11th, 2012 at the 13st Coffeehouse.  An informal meeting was conducted, and informal minutes were taken, but I will summarize our discussion.  The meeting had 6 attendees, all males. We are definitely in need of a wider variety of attendees! I’d like to see all letters represented, including lesbians, bisexuals, transgendered, as well as straight allies and any questioning types and intersexed individuals, if they are in the area.  Increased racial diversity would also be a plus.  If are going to stand up for LGBT issues, as many people as possible in the LGBT Community should be represented!  We discussed some of the things the group would be involved in, for example: voter registration drives, collectively choosing an LGBT friendly candidate and assisting those candidates with their campaigns. I also believe the group could become a very important source of information for the local LGBT Community for politics as well as educating the community in the democratic process.  The group could also be instrumental in organizing volunteers for our chosen candidates as well as doing work within the local Democratic Party.  I did mention that I would like to see the group grow into a local Stonewall Democrat Chapter, but that is NOT the primary goal.  Right now, we need to grow our numbers and network so each attendee agreed to bring 2 people with them at the next meeting which is scheduled for Sunday March 25th, 2012 at 7pm at 13st Coffeehouse.

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