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OMAHA, NE – Welcome to the new Greater Omaha LGBT Democrats Blog!  Its the dawn of a BLUE day in Omaha’s LGBT Community.  Its time for Omaha’s LGBT Democrats and their ever important Straight Allies to rally for political action for civil rights protections, marriage equality, economic justice and fairness for all!  In this election year in 2012, we see many of the same hurdles rising up to block our fight for progress.  As Ben Gray is about to reintroduce civil rights protections for sexual orientation and gender identity, anti LGBT and big government forces rise up to block such legislation in the Nebraska Unicameral with LB912.  If we can unite as one political force, we can push back the tide against us, but it takes participation in our democracy.  It means taking the time to email, call, mail, whatever you can do to let our politicians know that we are here, we are strong and we want our voices heard.  We need to support the politicians who openly support our community, that is how we will help get into a position to further equality legislation and directives.   More to come…….

Rainbow flag. Symbol of gay pride.

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  1. Holly Betts said:

    Hello my name is Holly Betts im currently the state campus organizer for the state of Nebraska regarding the war on women. We are having a march at the state capital on 04-28-2012 and im reaching out to the community to see if I can get anyone who is interested in helping volunteer to get the word spread and be there at the capital that day to march. To learn more regarding these issues we have a website. http://www.unitewomen.org once on the website there is also a specific page for Nebraska also. Any help would be awesome. My contact info is betts_holly@yahoo.com. Also follow us on twitter at WOW_NE

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